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    The most popular games in esports.
    Many fans of the world of electronic competitions are constantly wondering which esports is the most popular at the moment.
    Since its inception, esports has begun to gain extreme popularity among gamers. To date, competitions are held on the basis of completely different esports disciplines.
    Dota 2.
    Fans of computer games did not neglect the attention of the new game of 2002 — Dota 2. Less than three years later, cyber competitions on the game began to be held in computer clubs in different countries. The turning point for the Dota 2 computer game was 2011. This year, the legendary Dota 2 tournament, The International, was held, which distributed the game and brought even more users.
    The tournament has become extremely famous, and since 2011 has been held every year until now. Every year the prize fund of the tournament grew, which made it even more interesting. If the 2020 tournament had not been canceled due to the pandemic, we would have witnessed a competition with a prize pool of $40 million, which is a record figure. But fortunately, we will see a fight for $40 million already in 2021. The International 2021 will be held in September.
    Gambling on 1v1 CSGO: Finding a Proper Place and Moment to Bet Money on CSGO 1v1 Events
    CS GO is one of the most popular esports disciplines around the world. Fans of the CS GO game are well acquainted with one of the famous tournaments – World Electronic Sports Games, which took place in 2017, with a prize fund of $ 1.5 million.
    The peculiarity of this game is that the range of the target audience is wider than in other games, CS GO users are mostly students and people over 30 years old. There is a big plus in this. An older audience is willing to invest much more in the game than younger users.

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