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    Online Training Courses in Platelet-Rich Plasma Application
    The PRP method in the treatment of knee joints is based on enhancing the regeneration of intra-articular tissues. Thanks to platelet-rich plasma, cartilage, menisci, ligaments and other tissues are restored faster.
    Plasmolifting PRP in Aesthetic Medicine and Trichology Course.
    Even in ancient times, doctors drew attention to the fact that traumatic injuries accompanied by the formation of a hematoma heal much faster. The reasons for this have been established only in recent decades. It turned out that platelets secrete a number of substances that accelerate regeneration. These are growth factors:
    epithelial growth;
    These substances have a polypeptide (protein) structure. They have different purposes. But all of these compounds take part in tissue regeneration. They stimulate the mitotic activity of cells, accelerate their growth and division.
    Plasmolifting (PRP therapy) of the knee joint makes it possible to significantly increase the intensity of reparative processes of both soft and bone tissues. In medicine, platelet-rich plasma is used more and more often. It is used for any injuries: soft tissue injuries, muscle and ligament ruptures, bone fractures. All types of tissues regenerate faster in the presence of a sufficient number of platelets.

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